2 new employees here at Mission Repair!

OK, I just got done with my iPod Touch special repair post with 10% off the 2nd Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair, but then remembered that I wanted to announce the arrival of two more new employees here at Mission Repair. We’ve heard that many of our competitors are in hiring freezes and even unfortunately laying people off- not here at Mission Repair. We are expanding our line of services, expanding our employee base and growing in an economy that has seen better days. . .the reason for our success is our dedicated and passionate staff that WANTS to help our customers. That’s it!

We welcome Huck Heuback and Andrew Northern. Just FYI, Huck is a nickname. . .his real name is Andrew. Yes, I know, we hired two “Andrews” at the same time. Huck volunteered to go with a nickname to help us out!

Huck is helping out on the customer service & sales front and will also be blogging with me very soon. With our increased workload we needed to expand our customer service capability. He’s taking orders and also assists on the live chat daily. Check out our live chat and you might get him on the other line! This guy has been great with our customers and we are very excited to have him on the staff. You can email Huck here.

Andrew was hired to expand our iPod and iPhone Services. . .he’s jumped right in and like all new recruits, has already “been damaged” by a shard of glass while working on an iPhone. Yes, it’s a dangerous business here at Mission Repair. Actually, there’s an ongoing rule that you’re really not a fully-trained technician until you need a band-aid. It’s part of the hazing process, you know? Andrew has fit right in, he’s a great guy, and you’ll be thrilled having him work on your iPod or iPhone. Nothing slips by him! You can email Andrew here.

Ok, that’s it (again) for now. I’m going to stop blogging and get back to work…talk to you in a few days.

Best, Ryan

2nd Gen iPod Touch Repairs Flowing with 10% off!

Well hello there!

I’m heading out in a few hours for a long weekend at Table Rock Lake in South Missouri.
If you’re looking for clear water and warm weather this weekend, come on down – I’ll grill some dogs and burgers for lunch! My partner, Kyle, just bought 2 Jet Skis and he’s volunteered to let me take them down as well. This next few days seems like it’s going to turn out to be a ton of fun! Thanks Kyle. . .

Well, as you may have read in an earlier post, we are rockin’ and rollin’ on 2nd gen iPod Touch repairs. We’ve lowered our pricing. We’ve perfected the glass and digitizer replacement. We’ve got parts in stock, and we’ve got technicians ready to take care of you!

This feels like a good time to run a special on the 2nd Generation iPod Touch Glass and Digitizer Repair. How about we take an additional 10% off that repair now until June 8th, 2009 at midnight. . .just use coupon code “BRANSON” to receive 10% off our 2nd Generation iPod Touch Glass and Digitizer Repair! Thanks, have a great weekend and I’ll be talking to you again soon. . .

Best, Ryan