Wanna see something cool? iPhone pic!

Ok, I was on a flight today, and I decided to snap a couple of pics with my iPhone since I was all alone. I landed my plane, was taxiing back to the east parking lot, and held up my iPhone to take this picture:


That’s not a pitchfork stuck on the front of my Cessna. Its the propeller spinning at 1000 rpm, and this is what my iPhone saw. This picture has not been altered in any way, I just downloaded it from my iPhone 3G. I know that there’s some technical name for it, but I’m gonna call it the “pitchfork effect”. Pretty cool huh? I told ya!

Thanks again everyone, I’m safe back on the ground (for now) and I’m headed back to the airport tomorrow and will be up in the air again at 7:00am!

Take care, Ryan