New lower pricing on iPod Touch repairs!

Hello everyone- it’s been a busy week!! I’m just slipping in a quick blog to let you know that we’ve just lowered our pricing on the 2nd Generation iPod Touch Glass & Digitizer Repair Service, and the iPod Touch LCD Screen Repair Service to just $99 flat-rate for either of these repairs!

Check it out, there aren’t many companies like Mission Repair performing iPod Touch Rev 2 Repairs like this. The fact of the matter is that companies that aren’t doing these repairs just don’t have the skill necessary to perform them. My techs are knowledgeable, experienced and ready to tackle any 2nd Generation iPod Touch repair job.

Thanks, we also hired 2 more employees this week (yikes!) and we are flooded. Thank you for all of your support and orders!! I’ll be back in touch with my new employee’s contact information. . .

Take care, Ryan