Identity theft?

Hello all out there in cyber land. Yup, scary cyber land. Who can you trust?

We just had a walk-in customer that was a victim of a Phishing scam. She received an email from what looked to be legitimate from Paypal, which directed her to “click here and update your account information”. Well, the email LOOKED legitimate, the link worked and took her to a page that LOOKED legitimate, and she filled out the online form requesting her personal information.

This is a BIG red flag. Paypal and most other large legitimate entities will NEVER ask for or send out unsolicited emails asking you for your personal information, including PIN numbers, Social Security numbers, or ANY other bank information.

Shortly after she submitted her info to the “fake” Paypal email, her computer immediately began sending emails out. Next, every webpage she went to had funny URL’s. Next, Popups would come up, even when she wasn’t browsing the internet. The final straw was when her computer took a picture of her and then emailed out. All on it’s own. All I can say is: “WOW!”

We were able to help her and we got her MacBook back on track. I’d like to suggest a great website that will help you discern between legitimate and bogus emails, websites and other identity theft red-flags. Visit for a ton of great information!

So, this brings me back to: “Who can you trust?”

When you do business online, make sure that the checkout is secure. Like our website at A great way to verify that you’re on a secure site is to start by looking at the URL. If the page doesn’t say “HTTPS://” then it’s not secure and you should not enter any pertinent or private information! You can always verify the security of our website by clicking this button:

Picture 9

Also, you should check to see if the business you’re working with is Accredited with the Better Business Bureau. You betcha Mission Repair is!

Next, make sure that the company has a clearly stated and fair return policy. Conditions like: “as-is” or “no returns” should be a couple of red flags as well. Mission Repair has a no-questions-asked 30 day refund policy in the event you’re not satisfied with your purchase. No restocking fees ever!

Keep digging. . .is the company you’re working with Dun and Bradstreet listed? Mission Repair is! This is one more validation that a company is legitimate.

Does the company work with the local community? Mission Repair sure does! We are active members in 2 local Chamber’s of Commerce and we love supporting local business which brings me to my last point for the day:

Does the business you’re working with have a verifiable commercial location with a direct telephone number and customer walk-in support? Well, here at Mission Repair we have all of these things and more. We pride ourselves on being a legitimate, fair, trustworthy business and we encourage ALL of our customers to visit us at our Kansas City location in Olathe, Kansas. No appointment necessary and we’ll earn your trust with our customer service.

Thanks again for reading, just wanted to share a little to hopefully save a lot!

Take care, Ryan