Wanna see something cool? iPhone pic!

Ok, I was on a flight today, and I decided to snap a couple of pics with my iPhone since I was all alone. I landed my plane, was taxiing back to the east parking lot, and held up my iPhone to take this picture:


That’s not a pitchfork stuck on the front of my Cessna. Its the propeller spinning at 1000 rpm, and this is what my iPhone saw. This picture has not been altered in any way, I just downloaded it from my iPhone 3G. I know that there’s some technical name for it, but I’m gonna call it the “pitchfork effect”. Pretty cool huh? I told ya!

Thanks again everyone, I’m safe back on the ground (for now) and I’m headed back to the airport tomorrow and will be up in the air again at 7:00am!

Take care, Ryan

New lower pricing on iPod Touch repairs!

Hello everyone- it’s been a busy week!! I’m just slipping in a quick blog to let you know that we’ve just lowered our pricing on the 2nd Generation iPod Touch Glass & Digitizer Repair Service, and the iPod Touch LCD Screen Repair Service to just $99 flat-rate for either of these repairs!

Check it out, there aren’t many companies like Mission Repair performing iPod Touch Rev 2 Repairs like this. The fact of the matter is that companies that aren’t doing these repairs just don’t have the skill necessary to perform them. My techs are knowledgeable, experienced and ready to tackle any 2nd Generation iPod Touch repair job.

Thanks, we also hired 2 more employees this week (yikes!) and we are flooded. Thank you for all of your support and orders!! I’ll be back in touch with my new employee’s contact information. . .

Take care, Ryan

New – iPhone 3G Frame / Glass / Digitizer Assemblies in stock!

Yes, this has been a highly-sought after part. Don’t confuse it with our extremely popular iPhone 3G Glass/Digitizer repair kit. . .this takes the “home-repair” to an even easier level!


We here at Mission Repair are providing OEM parts and repair kits, including the highly desirable iPhone 3G Complete Digitizer Assembly, Front Glass and Frame. The price is only $119 which is far less than Apple’s repair price set at $199- If your iPhone 3G Pro has a cracked glass screen which is very common, this is the part that you’re looking for to easily repair your own iPhone at home. We only sell OEM assemblies never aftermarket, knock off or 3rd party parts.

The desirable iPhone 3G Complete Digitizer Assembly, Front Glass and Frame simplifies the iPhone cracked glass repair. This is a completely assembled Glass and Frame Assembly which includes:

* Glass
* Digitizer
* Frame
* Home Button
* Ear Speaker

You simply unplug the broken assembly, swap the good LCD over to the new assembly and plug the new one back in. This product saves you the dangerous and aggravating step of removing the broken glass from the old iPhone frame and then having to glue the new glass piece in. With this item, the do-it-yourself technician has a high the rate of success. As always, Mission Repair is just a phone call away for installation assistance.

I feel that this is going to be an extremely popular product and my shipping department is standing by. Phil, Spencer, are you ready?

Thanks, talk to you soon, Ryan

New hire and 5% off your order!

Yup, we’ve hired a new team member, Spencer Liolios that started with us today. Spencer seems like a great guy and a welcome addition to Mission Repair. As you know, the first day on a new job can be quite nerve wracking, but he was on time and prepared for the day. We’ll see if he can make it through the hazing period! 😉

A couple random tidbits that I’ve learned about Spencer just this morning: he’s an avid paintball soldier; he recommended http://www.pbnation.com. He’s a Kansas City native, it takes him about 15 minutes to get to work and is the youngest of 3 kids in the family. He held a 3.5 GPA in school and is going to college in the fall. We welcome Spencer to the team and if you’re so inclined, you can email him here.

In honor of the moment, we’re also offering 5% off your entire order with us here at Mission Repair good now through Sunday 5/24/09. Just enter coupon code “SPENCER” when you checkout online and we’ll take that 5% off immediately. One coupon code per customer per order!

Thanks again for your continued readership. I’ll be back in touch soon!

Best, Ryan

Hurry to get your 160GB iPod Classic! Now shipping only $229.

Hello everyone, and happy Monday- We’ve been running a special on 160 GB iPod Classics, Black or Silver, for only $229! This price is good through June 1st, at which time we are planning on raising it back to $249. Need a graduation present? This is what you’re looking for! This iPod Classic is the highly desirable 160 GB version (Apple only sells the 120 GB Classics now)- They are “newly” discontinued and we have them with “ZERO TIME” on the hard drives. . .this means that they are not used or abused.


* iPod classic puts your entire music and video collection in your pocket with up to 160 GB of storage
* An enhanced interface offers a whole new way to browse and view your music and video
* Cover Flow technology lets you use the patented Click Wheel to flip through your music by album cover
* Beautifully redesigned, iPod classic features a sleek, new all-metal enclosure
* 2.5-inch display; measures 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.53 inches (H x W x D), weighs 5.7 ounces

We have many iPods in stock, and these are blowing out like crazy. Need several of them? No problem, just give us a call and we’ll work on a multi-piece price. Think about one as a gift but not sure which size/color/model iPod to pick? No problem, just order a Mission Repair gift certificate and let the recipient pick on out!

Now shipping and new stock arrives daily. Thanks for checking it out!