Happy Monday!

Ok, it’s already almost over. That’s good. 1/5 of the week in the books!

Well we had our Little League home opener on Saturday. It wasn’t that bad, but we did lose. Overall, we looked great. I got a ton of comments from the parents about “how good we looked” and “how well they are playing as a team”. That was a great compliment coming from some of these parents. . .I really appreciated it!

We were on top of our game defensively. The guys looked great and didn’t let much sneak past them in the infield or outfield. Even my pitcher made some great heads up plays and my shortstop made an awesome double play. I was really proud of the way they were playing!

However batting was an entirely different story. We only had 2 hits the entire game. My son Casey and most of the rest of the team struck out 3 times. Yeah, that was awesome. In their defense, I told them to swing away because the umpire was calling some really HIGH and LOW strikes down below the knees. I mean they were very easy to see from my 3RD base coach position. Rather than just getting struck out, I told them to swing. Going down swinging is better than going down not swinging. Well, that’s how I see it anyway. Batting was a little frustrating. . .

Have any tips for my 12 year old batters? I’d love to hear them. If we could hit, we would have won. Although 2-5 isn’t a blowout, it’s not good enough. I’ll keep you posted as the season progresses!

By the way, Monday is now officially over, it’s 5:00 pm!