Bottom Case Flat-Rate Replacements for 15″ MacBook Pros!

Hello blog readers!!

If your 15″ MacBook Pro has damage to the Bottom Case (aka: Lower Housing, Base) we will make it look like new again! The bottom case encases the logic board, DC-In board, your drives and is the base for your entire computer. If you drop your computer (or drop something on it) this part can get bent, dented or crushed which can affect the functionality of your unit. The latch assembly is also located in the bottom case, so if your MacBook Pro won’t stay shut – this is the repair for you! Let Mission Repair straighten your computer up! The price for the 15″ MacBook Pro Bottom Case Repair is just $299 which includes parts, professional labor and a warranty.

Mission Repair’s process includes an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician that will evaluate and replace the Bottom Case with a brand new part. Let us know if your 15″ MacBook Pro is experiencing other issues and I’ll have a technician will call you to advise and report. Remember, and this is the most important part: the customer remains in full control of the repair decisions at all times!

Thanks again for reading, talk to you soon!