Give the gift of iPod or MacBook repair, only at Mission Repair!

Hello all, have a good Easter Sunday? I over-ate as usual. My mother’s honey baked ham and sides were just unbelievable. She even made my favorite sherry cake (haven’t had that since I was in my early twenties!) and it was just fantastic. We have several bags of leftover ham for lunches – all I need to add is the bread and the mustard. Yummy!


Well I would have liked to have this done last week as we have had several customers requesting gift certificates but it’s finally completed- we are now offering gift certificates and the coding is completed in our database. Frankly, it’s just awesome!

You can order your Mission Repair gift certificate here!

Buy yourself (or your loved one) a gift certificate for any service or product at Mission Repair. The gift certificates are redeemable online or when you call in and our sophisticated database tracks your purchases and credits with ease. At any time you can view your available credit on your gift certificate ONLINE via your account login. It’s 100% secure and a great way to send a gift!

Our gift certificates are available in one of two ways: you can have it emailed to your email address (or the email address of the person you are buying the certificate for) or you can opt to have us mail out the certificate to the address of your choice. It’s that easy!!

You can redeem your gift certificate here!

Please give us a call if you have any questions at 866-638-8402! Thanks and I’ll be talking to you again soon!

Best, Ryan

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