iPhone 3G Earpiece Sound Repair Announced!

Yes, you knew it was coming didn’t you 😉

We have announced our exclusive iPhone 3G Earpiece Sound Repair, just $99 which includes parts and labor. Many customers are reporting static or no sound for a myriad of reasons, but most commonly from liquid spills or drops. Also in many cases the iPhone’s speakerphone still works as do the headphones, it’s just the sound coming out of the ear speaker that’s not working.


Check out our press release on this service here!

My techs are fully trained on this repair and are ready to get your iPhone 3G back into action. Stop on by and see us if you’re in the Kansas City area, I’d love to meet you!

Thanks, talk to you soon, Ryan

Go-cart outing and iPhone 3G Price Drops

Hi again everyone- it’s already Friday and I’m just getting my Monday list of “to-do’s” wrapped up. I need a short break asap!

To blow off some steam, we took some of our group (whoever wanted to go!) out to Saddlers Indoor Racing here in Olathe for a little go-cart experience. Here’s a group photo of us ready for our rally:


We tried to gather around but our huge helmets were knocking into each other. That’s me front left in the red bucket and my favorite was Dan’s pink helmet. If you know Dan, this was a perfect natural choice for him. 😉 If you’d like to email Dan and ask him about this, you can easily do that here.


We got a couple of rounds and basically I got worse as the night progressed. My strategy that night was to run defense as my offensive game was horrible. I did launch Kyle as he tried to squeeze by me (on a yellow flag I might add) and as he came up on my left, I rubbed him up against the wall. His front right tire ran over my left rear tire and I saw him “glide” up and over my cart and into the crisp night air. You betcha he wasn’t going to get past me!! In that whole “wipeout” somehow his wallet also launched out of his back pocket and onto the track. Funny stuff!

Well, Kyle recovered his “missing” wallet yesterday and a few visits to the chiropractor fixed him right up. Overall it was a great night that we finished at Buffalo Wild Wings in Olathe. It’s good to get out and spend some time with the group outside of the office and see their “real” personalities. On the racetrack we’re all equals!

Moving on to some business, we just lowered our price on iPhone 3G LCD Screen repairs. Why? Because we’ve mastered them. Our new price is just $79 installed and comes with a 1 year warranty. Our process is very quick and professional and we’re happy to pass the price decrease onto our customers. If you need this repair, use coupon code “wipeout” to receive an addition $5 off this already LOW LOW price. The coupon code is good through 4/19/09. Have a great weekend!

Best, Ryan