Water damaged iPhone? Here’s what we’d do. . .


Yes, it’s a panic and your stomach gets that sick and sinking feeling as you watch your beautiful iPhone fall in slow motion into the sink or worse! Don’t worry we’ve heard them all and soda covered iPhones are not necessarily doomed. Let us explain. . .

QUESTION: Can Mission Repair fix my water damaged iPhone?

ANSWER: We want to try! Basically, any problem can be fixed. The question becomes “is it worth repairing?” Without actually seeing the iPhone and having one of our expert technicians perform a complete diagnosis, we can’t really tell over the telephone how much the repair will cost. This is why we diagnose iPhones for free!

QUESTION: What should I do after my iPhone takes a bath?

ANSWER: First turn off your iPhone then dry it off with a towel, then place it in a bag of uncooked plain white rice. You then leave the bag of rice complete with iPhone in sunlight, or another warm/dry place for about 24 hours. The rice will wick the moisture out of your iPhone which immediately increases your odds for an “easier” repair! DO NOT put your iPhone in the oven, even at low temperatures. DO NOT use a heat gun to dry it out. DO NOT attempt to turn it on for at least 3 days after the accident. Any moisture remaining could easily cause further damage even days after.

QUESTION: My iPhone got wet and now the screen is white. Do I need a new LCD screen?

ANSWER: It’s possible! But since water can easily infiltrate the circuitry on your iPhone, your LCD might still be OK. It might be that the connector on the LCD has started to corrode, or the connector on the logic board needs to be cleaned. There are many possibilities when liquid spills occur and if you don’t NEED an LCD, we won’t quote it! MANY cases our technicians will simply disassemble the iPhone, clean all of it’s components, and reassemble it. It’s kinda like magic!

QUESTION: Ok, I want Mission Repair to take a look. How do I get started?

ANSWER: This is the easy part! Just view our list of FREE iPhone Diagnostic Services and select your model. Upon checkout, you’ll need to choose your shipping method and the rest is easy. Once we receive the iPhone we’ll call you within 1 business day to report our findings.

Note: These Questions and Answers are NOT Apple, Inc. recommended. Apple recommends that you buy a new iPhone. We recommend that BEFORE you buy a new iPhone, you send it to us for a free diagnosis and report. There’s no obligation to have your iPhone repaired, so it’s worth getting an order placed with us!

Thanks, have a good day, Ryan

Happy Monday!

Ok, it’s already almost over. That’s good. 1/5 of the week in the books!

Well we had our Little League home opener on Saturday. It wasn’t that bad, but we did lose. Overall, we looked great. I got a ton of comments from the parents about “how good we looked” and “how well they are playing as a team”. That was a great compliment coming from some of these parents. . .I really appreciated it!

We were on top of our game defensively. The guys looked great and didn’t let much sneak past them in the infield or outfield. Even my pitcher made some great heads up plays and my shortstop made an awesome double play. I was really proud of the way they were playing!

However batting was an entirely different story. We only had 2 hits the entire game. My son Casey and most of the rest of the team struck out 3 times. Yeah, that was awesome. In their defense, I told them to swing away because the umpire was calling some really HIGH and LOW strikes down below the knees. I mean they were very easy to see from my 3RD base coach position. Rather than just getting struck out, I told them to swing. Going down swinging is better than going down not swinging. Well, that’s how I see it anyway. Batting was a little frustrating. . .

Have any tips for my 12 year old batters? I’d love to hear them. If we could hit, we would have won. Although 2-5 isn’t a blowout, it’s not good enough. I’ll keep you posted as the season progresses!

By the way, Monday is now officially over, it’s 5:00 pm!


Twitter is addicting! I’m trying not to post after midnight ;-)

You can follow my Mission Repair Twitter here. New to Twitter? Just sign up, and write some posts. Send me your new profile and I’ll follow you. It’s been a good time. I’ve made several friends on Twitter already and it’s a good outlet for those who like to type 😉

We’re trucking right along here at Mission Repair and I’m liking the way April is turning out for us. We’re generating a ton of new dealer referrals and we’re constantly adding Mission Repair affiliates. These are 2 great ways to help spread the word of our business and our reviews online are stellar.

The weather has finally “broken” here in Kansas City and we’re looking at some nice warm weather in the next few days. It has rejuvenated me! There’s a 30% chance for thunderstorms tomorrow in the area, but that’s OK. They are actually kinda fun!

We’re running a 10% OFF ANY REPAIR SERVICE SPECIAL (including iPod Repair and iPhone Repair) now through the end of April (4/30/09), so hurry and get your order placed asap! Just use coupon code “THUNDER” and we’ll take 10% off your entire order (including shipping) at the time of checkout. Want to call your order in? No problem, just tell your sales person the coupon code and they will apply it. It’s that easy. Please remember that this coupon is not good in conjunction with any other coupon.

OK, I’ll be leaving the office in a few hours and will likely not be back to chat, so take care and I’ll talk to you again next week!

Best, Ryan

We’re hiring at Mission Repair!

Ok, Just a quick blog- we need some good people. Actually, we need some GREAT people. We are currently looking to immediately fill some positions to help assist our rapid growth. If you want a challenging yet rewarding career (including great benefits, paid time off, company matching retirement plan, etc.) then you should apply with us.

We are looking for motivated individuals that can carry the Mission Repair customer service mentality to the next level. We want iPod/iPhone/Mac enthusiasts to join our team, check out our list of available positions.

Mission Repair now hiring!

Thanks, if you’re local to Kansas City, send us your resume.

Best, Ryan

15″ MacBook Pro Inverter Board Replacement only $169!

Hello there!

We have released another advanced service for Aluminum 15″ MacBook Pros. If your 15″ MacBook Pro has video issues not associated with the LCD screen, it’s likely your Inverter Board. Typical symptoms of this problem are: Standard start of computer, then screen goes blank. LCD displays dim image which is just barely visible and/or buzzing noises from the hinge area of the MacBook Pro. Don’t despair!

We are here to help and their Inverter Board Service is easy. We only use OEM BRAND NEW Apple Parts in these repairs, never aftermarket, knock off or 3rd party Parts. This service is for all generations of the Aluminum MacBook Pro, except for the new Unibody. The price to replace the 15″ MacBook Pro Inverter Board is just $169 which includes parts, professional labor and a warranty.

Our process includes an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician that will evaluate and replace the Inverter Board with a brand new part. Once received, the technician will immediately perform the necessary repair and have your 15″ MacBook Pro expedited back to your location anywhere in the USA within 1 business day. All shipments are fully insured for replacement value during transit and all Inverter Board Repairs come with a 90-day warranty. If your 15″ MacBook Pro is experiencing other issues one of our technicians will call you to advise and report. The customer remains in full control of the repair decisions at all times!

Once the repair is complete, we’ll will send the unit back ground or overnight depending on your preference. It’s that easy. Each 15″ MacBook Pro Inverter Board Replacement comes with unbeatable customer service or the option to have your item sent back to you unrepaired in the event you do not want to proceed. There is never any obligation after a free diagnosis!

So that’s it for now. I’ll be back soon with some specials and updates.

See ya, Ryan