Back in town and back to bloggin!

Hello all, I haven’t posted much lately (sorry!) been doing a lot of traveling recently. I was out of town last week and spent some time with my sister down in San Antonio. Weather out there was great and I got my first “sun” of the year. Maybe just a little too much. We went rafting on the Guadalupe River in Gruene, TX and I thought that a few hours with my shirt off wouldn’t been an issue. Well I was caught up in making sure that my raft stayed upright (while also watching over my sister’s raft and my daughters tube). I took the helm while my father was in back with his “magic” rudder system. I felt like I was paddling while he was try to keep us straight by sticking his paddle in sideways which was like a boat anchor. After working the raft and making sure to avoid the “ROCK!” my mother kept pointing out every 27 seconds, I forgot that I was roasting. Ah well, we had a great time and I got a wonderful workout. Just a little tender still from the sunburn!

I also spent the evening with a couple of friends down in San Antonio on the River Walk. My buddies Troy and Anthony took me out to a fantastic steak dinner at Boudros. That River Walk is something else. Did you know that San Antonio has an entire city under the downtown area? Yup, you can’t see it unless you try to. There is a network of rivers and boat rides and thousands of people roaming UNDER downtown. It’s very cool!

OK, I’m still catching up on my emails and we had a record number of orders yesterday at Mission Repair (thank you!) so it’s now Tuesday and I’m finally getting a chance to get my blog roll rolling again. Ok folks, new specials coming out this week and I’ll be talking to you soon. Can someone pass me the aloe vera lotion?

See ya, Ryan