Listen Live to Air Traffic and $40 discount on MacBook LCD Screen Repairs!

Ok, I know that this post is totally irrelevant to most of you. Who cares about listening to your local (or other favorite) air traffic tower communications? Well, as a pilot in training, this information has become increasingly pertinent to me. This website, is a site dedicated to streaming tower communications with pilots all over the US. In fact, my small Johnson County Executive Airport (here in Olathe) is on there. What’s cool about that? Well on the days I fly, you can hear me chattering away on the mic, hoping that I understand the controller 😉


Here’s a link to my airport tower.

Just giving LIVEATC some props (no pun intended) for putting up a cool website that pilots and airplane enthusiasts can use.

That sparks a new special that my blog readers can enjoy. If you’ve made it this far, you get to save a few bucks on your next 13″ MacBook LCD Screen Repair (black or white models)! We’re taking $40 off our normal price of $229 all next week! It’s spring break for a lot of students out there, and this is a great time to get your computer back in great shape. Click here for our 13″ MacBook LCD Screen Repair and use Coupon Code “CESSNA” to receive $40 off this repair. This $40 off coupon is good through 3/23/09. Thanks and happy flying!

See ya, Ryan