We back in Kansas City and rockin’!

Hello everyone- OK, we made it back to KC late Sunday night and this literally my first chance to sit down and get a blog in. We spent Saturday evening with my oldest buddy in California Nolan Harding, and his wife Paige made some unbelievable ribs. We live in Kansas City, and we have some great BBQ ribs out here, but I have to say that I think she topped them all- yikes they were good!

Our Operation:Education Repair Program has launched! It hit the press late last night and we’re busy ramping the program up to support our nation’s schools. I’m really excited about this program as it really sets Mission Repair apart from the other guys. Check out the program and get your school signed up!

We are having some serious weather issues here in KC. My trees are starting to blossom, and then it dropped to 18 degrees last night. It’s just a little cool out to announce Spring yet, however my kids are on Spring Break next week! Hopefully it’ll warm up to picnic weather very soon. . .

Ok, wanted to say “hi” and get some thoughts on the blog this morning. I’ll be back soon with more updates. See ya, Ryan

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