We’re members of the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce!

Hello blog readers- we’ve become official members of the Spring Hill, Kansas Chamber of Commerce. Where’s Spring Hill? Well, it’s here, trust me. It’s actually my hometown. . .

I grew up in the Bay Area, CA. Graduated from Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, California and spent a few years of my “pre-children” life living in Hawaii (yeah that was nice!)

So a very LONG story condensed into one sentence: I’m now living in Kansas. Yes there are a few details that I left out but that’s the long and short of it. Specifically I picked a very small prospering town (no stop lights and one grocery store), Spring Hill, to live.

Frankly, I love it! We have become quite fond of living there and raising 3 kids in a small & safe environment is ideal to me. I know my neighbors and I’m doing my best to be active in the community. Naturally, I just had to enroll Mission Repair as a member of the Chamber- it’s a perfect fit.

We have our first Chamber meeting on Thursday of this week, I’ll let you know how it goes. Networking never hurts, maybe I’ll see you there!

Take care, Ryan

Wrestling is over, baseball begins!

Ok, so my son Casey had his last wrestling tournament on Sunday. It’s over. Whew, I get my Sundays back! He went up against a kid, Dakota, that has been walking all over everyone all season. He’s from Topeka, and usually pins his opponents in the first round.

Casey was psyching himself up all day, and had to wrestle him near the end of the day. Casey won his first match which was a good start. Casey went the distance and won his second match on points. Another “mental” victory. We then had a couple hour break before he met Dakota. I was watching Dakota burn through his opponents and winning in 8 seconds and 12 seconds and one guy just scratched.

So the time had come. Casey was warming himself up and his entire game plan was to defend. He knew that Dakota would shoot in quick, and immediately get him on his back, so Casey planned on letting him shoot, then Casey would sprawl and clasp around his neck and one arm. This would in theory give him top control and then he could break him down for the pin on the mat.

Well, just as expected Dakota came in like a fireball. He shot down low, but instead of breaking out into a sprawl, Dakota picked him up by both legs (double leg takedown) lifted him up off the mat and threw Casey to the ground on his back. Casey recovered pretty well, defended tough and made it through the first round. Second round started and Dakota made the same move over and over which really wore Casey down. Dakota finally got the pin at the end of the second round. The match surprised both of these guys as Dakota thought it was going to be easy, and Casey thought he’d get pinned in the first round. After the initial disappointment, I think that Casey was pretty happy with himself for going in with a game plan and sticking with it. Next year, he’s gonna get him!

So we packed up the wrestling “stuff” and dragged out the little league baseball “stuff”. I’m coaching our team with my buddy, Kevin, and we had our first team meeting last night at Buffalo Wild Wings here in Olathe. Yes, they are going to sponsor us as it seems that Kevin and I keep them in business 😉 It’s hard to pass up Wednesday’s wing night, you know?

I’ll keep you posted but I’m also going to need some assistance. Does anyone know how to teach a kid to pitch? Suggestions please! I know that there a some very successful little league coaches out there, I can really use the advice. Thanks, and I’ll be back soon with some business update as we are putting the finishing touches on a new program that’s going to be exciting for the entire industry. Stay tuned!

Best, Ryan