Snowglobe at Mission Repair!

Well, good morning-

We’re working on the 13″ MacBook Unibody Glass Screen Repair at the moment (Kyle was able to remove the glass without cracking it – this is a positive note!) We’ll be posting pictures very soon on the 13″ MacBook Unibody Glass Removal, stay tuned!


But I just had to talk about our weather here in Kansas City for a moment. It was 70 Degrees as a high yesterday. Pretty nice for February. Then this morning, at about 9:30 am, snowballs started dropping from the sky. These were the biggest flakes I’ve seen in a long time. Ann, as she was looking outside, mentioned that she felt like she was in a snow globe. Yup, it was pretty interesting! I had to step out and take a quick picture from our front door for nostalgia.

Ok, talk to you again later this afternoon with some 13″ MacBook Unibody Glass “answers”.

See ya, Ryan

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