iPhone 3G Broken Battery Issue!

Hello all, we’re just about to get out of here for the night but had to post a quick “have a good weekend” blog-

We had a customer, Patty, send us her iPhone for diagnosis. We had it picked up and brought in via FedEx (as we do with most of our units!) and Ian checked it out. It seemed dire.

The unit was booting up to the Apple logo, then just rebooting over and over and wouldn’t connect to iTunes. Ian took the time to give it a proper diagnosis and checked out every component in the unit starting at the digitizer working his way to the backplate.

When Ian got to the battery, he found some damage on the battery connection. This was odd, and when he spoke to the customer, she stated that the phone had been dropped. So the conclusion is that the battery was actually “jostled” inside the phone, causing many weird symptoms. Once the battery was replaced, all was right in the world. Patty is getting her iPhone back, and for a fraction of what we all thought the initial repair was going to cost. This issue could have easily been a bad logic board, and a “dishonest” repair center could have easily tried to take advantage of the situation. Not here at Mission Repair- we want customers for life!

Ok, I’m going to take Ian out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and a brew for a job well done. (We want employees for life too!)

Take care, Ryan