Mission Repair Affiliates got paid this week!

Hello all, I just signed all of the checks to send out to our affiliates for their referrals! We have many that have been receiving hundreds of dollars per month, just for posting a link on their site. Remember that anyone that clicks on “your” link and then orders a part of repair from us, you get a 5% commission.

Once you sign up online, our Affiliate Manager, Marc, will send you a confirmation email and get your online account set up. Through your account, you can track number of sales and a running total of your account buildup. We then pay our affiliates once a month. It’s that easy!

To sign up for our affiliate program, simply click here and fill out the request. We’ll be back with you shortly!

Let me add a shout out to Tim at www.3gcrackedglass.com, nice month man!

OK, take care, see ya tomorrow 😉