iPhone 3G Repair and a helicopter ride!

Yes, that’s exactly what I said- iPhone 3G Glass Repair and a helicopter ride. It really happened. Here. Today. At Mission Repair!

We heard from a customer, Jamie, that wanted his iPhone 3G Glass and Digitizer Repaired and found us via a Google search. He and his father scouted the area, and via Google Earth, he saw that we had a large field next to our building here in Olathe. So he flew in. Yes, it’s not every day that one of our customers flies his private helicopter in. I mean we take walk-ins, but fly-ins?? Sure, you betcha!

Here they are arriving at our field to have their iPhone 3G repaired:


We greeted them at the field and immediately got to work on his iPhone back at the office. Our designated technician, Ian, started his iPhone 3G glass magic and dug right in. It gave me a chance to talk to Jamie and his father, Rick, who own and operate Barnes Realty. Check them out online! I have to be honest, they were absolutely 2 of the nicest guys I’ve met. Very friendly and down to earth. So cool they offered to give a couple of our guys a ride in the magic carpet!


Of course we had to let Ian have first right of refusal. He jumped all over it, finished the repair and was ready to go. Kyle, my partner, also had never been in a helicopter so he was the second man. These guys had no hesitation to give us this “freebie” which was extremely generous and unnecessary; but totally worth it! Here’s kyle about to board:


Ian in mid-flight says “Wow, this is awesome, and my pants are much drier than I thought they’d be!”


Kyle says “This is freaking amazing. These Kansas plains are breathtaking. . .not!”


All said and done these guys had a great time and we met two really great guys at Barnes Realty. Take care, had to write this post to share, thanks!