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Take it easy, Ryan

Saturday Delivery on your repair? No problem!

Hello there, just busy as a bee this morning- and I’m still digesting my Superbowl snacks. I feel a little bit like a potato chip this morning. What a great game! It was very exciting and entertaining. . .

We’ve been getting a ton of requests to have repairs shipped back to our customers on Saturday. Sure, FedEx’s “NORMAL” delivery schedule is Monday through Friday, but did you know that they will deliver on Saturday?

Of course there’s an extra charge- but for those in need it’s a small price to pay to get your item back when YOU WANT IT! We’ll be happy to upgrade your overnight shipment that’s leaving our repair center on ANY Friday and move it to Saturday delivery for an extra $15. This extra fee covers the upgrade to Priority Overnight (from Standard Overnight) and the Saturday delivery fee. All you need to do is mention this to your technician before it ships and we’ll handle the rest!

Keep in mind that we’re going to want a signature on that repaired item upon it’s return, so you’re going to have to hang out and wait for it’s arrival. We certainly don’t want to leave your MacBook or iPhone on the front doorstep, it just makes us nervous!

I thought that I’d mention this now as the question often comes up, especially nearing the end of each week. The answer is, YES, we can have your item delivered on Saturday, NO PROBLEM!

Thanks, Ryan