Sunday night Wrestling Results-

Well, the day started off fairly well, other than the fact that I woke up a little late- we needed to be on the road by 5:30am to make it to DeSoto to weigh Casey in. We actually didn’t leave until about 6:15am which allowed us to sleep a little longer, but then totally blew our normal “Wrestling Morning” routine. I got Casey in his gear and we rushed directly to the tournament making the weigh-in’s just in time.

We then found out there there were 5 wrestlers in his class, which was going to make for a great tournament. Casey was due to wrestle first but we still had to wait around for a few hours before he got his chance. Here’s my boy hanging at our “spot” in the gym:


I got him warmed up and out on the mat for match #1. He was wrestling a taller kid (which intimidated him a little bit), but ended up pinning him in the first round. That’s Casey below in the purple and gold singlet:


In fact, he pinned all of his guys in the first round, taking first place today! It’s his “first” first place tournament win and we are both really proud! Here he is with his “gold” medal:


It’s a great confidence booster to have such an energizing day. We talked about team work and even cheered for the others in his bracket when they were out on the mat. All said and done, he did a great job and got his mind in the game. Like most trials in life, attitude accounts for a big part of our successes and it’s a lesson to not lose before you try.

Take care, Ryan