Wrestling Tournament this weekend!

Hello all, as you may have read in earlier blogs, my son Casey is a wrestler. I was never a wrestler at all. I wrestled a little in P.E. in high school but that was very “recreational”. Casey is part of the Spring Hill Wrestling Club and we’re loving it!

Being a “bigger” 12 year old, he has to wrestle “bigger” kids. In fact, his last tournament he weighed in at 122 lbs. Unfortunately, there were no other 12 year old, 125 and under wrestlers. In these cases, he sometimes gets lucky and moves down a bracket, but he actually moved up to the 135 lb. division and wrestled 135 pounders! I know that you may say “what does 13 lbs. have anything do with it?” – ha! You should have seen his face when he saw the size of these guys, they seemed huge! Seeing him next to his opponents Casey was certainly smaller and I was worried!

These guys wrestle their hearts out. . .I mean it’s six minutes of pure strain and pain. Take down, half Nelson, head lever. Ever heard of a “head lever”? Me neither. Casey knows how to do it! He took second place at that tournament, I’m a proud daddy.

So this weekend we go to DeSoto Kansas and check in at 6:00am Sunday morning- I’m going to have to protest and make sure he gets moved down if necessary. It’s just the right thing to do- OK, I’ll be in touch and let you know how he did and post a couple pics, sound good?

Otherwise, have a great weekend!

Best, Ryan

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