Ryan’s famous burgers and a Sunday Night special!

Hello all football fans, the Arizona Cardinals just locked their place in the Superbowl, and it’s commercial time during the Pittsburgh Steelers/Baltimore Ravens game Sunday night here at the Arter house. Pittsburgh is up 13 to 0, but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of the Ravens just yet! Ray Lewis better get his “dance” on!

Well, I just made dinner and I just had to take a pic and write a quick blog about it. I made my famous double bacon cheese burgers tonight served with a side of curly fries and tots cooked fresh in our fryer.

Ryan's Famous Double-Burgers!

Ryan's Famous Double-Burgers!

So what are we looking at here? Let me give you the order, top to bottom:

Fresh Potato Bun (still on the plate!)
Peppered Bacon (still on the plate!)
Spicy BBQ Sauce
Grilled Onions
Lean Hamburger Patty #1
More Grilled Onions
Swiss Cheese
Lean Hamburger Patty #2
Potato Bun Bottom

I gotta tell ya, it’s obviously NOT the best “health” meal that you can have, but once in a while you just gotta live a little. I would never recommend that you eat this way on a daily basis, but this morning I had a few scrambled eggs- I’ve been running around all day, I went to the gym, did my “honey-do” list around the house and dinnertime came up quick and these beauties just “had to be”. . .

Lennie, my daughter’s boyfriend, wolfed his down. I actually couldn’t finish mine but I made a pretty good run at it. Not pictured are the chocolate shakes that were on the side.

I guess I’ll see you at the gym tomorrow morning!!

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Take care, Ryan