New iPhone 3G Headphone Jack Replacement Service Announced!

Hello everyone-

If you’re like me, you use your earphone jack daily on your 3G iPhone. I’m one of the guys that LOVES the white headphones/mic combo for my iPhone. I use it all the time, but that port on the iPhone is prone to failure!

We just launched a new flat-rate service that you’ll be reading about in the news very soon, but you heard it here first. We can replace the headphone (earphone) jack assembly in your iPhone 3G. This service is launching at just $79, installed, and comes with a 1 year warranty! We’ll get that new iPhone 3G headphone jack installed in 1 business day!

Get that iPhone 3G Earphone Jack Fixed!

Get that iPhone 3G Earphone Jack Fixed!

Here’s a link to our new iPhone 3G Headphone Jack Repair!

Thanks, we’re loading up the website with new programs coming online daily, check back often for new services from Mission Repair in Kansas City!


New 5% Off Coupon Released Today (and another new employee!)

Hi there everyone! I’m still in my whirlwind here at the office. . .
We hired another new employee that starts today, Phillip Esau- Phil brings us some tech experience and is going to help us organize and streamline some of our processes around here at Mission Repair.

Send Phil and email and say “hi”!

While I’m at it, I’m going to run another 5% off coupon toward any repair or product we sell now through February 8th, 2009. Just checkout online and use coupon code “WINTERMIX” to watch 5% of your order disappear.

Why is the coupon code “WINTERMIX”? Well is because it’s going to be about 6 degrees as the high tomorrow. Bundle up!

Take care, Ryan