iPhone 3G Installation Explanation!

Hello all,

Here’s a quick look at our iPhone 3G Glass and Digitizer Installation process in a nutshell. We’ll perform iPhone 3G Glass/Digitizer Assembly Repair for anyone in the country and our current sale price is $115 installed.

We'll repair this to look good as new!

We'll repair this to look good as new!

The key is in the iPhone 3G Glass Adhesives. We made them and they work great! Check it out here and schedule your repair today!

Have a great weekend, Ryan

We’ve been listed with Dun & Bradstreet!

Hello all-

We’ve been working with the Small Business Division at Dun & Bradstreet and we’ve made some great progress. They’ve approved us to use their “Listed” weblogo that looks like this:


To be honest, I love “validations” like this for our business, but I don’t want to “litter” the homepage too much. I’ll try to keep the visual noise down a little bit and keep it clean and simple, but this little badge is just gonna hang out at the bottom of our pages. Being part of D&B is one more way Mission Repair differentiates from the competition!

Thanks, talk to you soon.


New Blackberry LCD Screen Service Option-

Hello all, we’re busy typing away here at Mission Repair and have made some nice changes on the website. You’ve noticed our Twitter account. Thanks to all of our new followers, we’ll try to keep it interesting!

We’ve also added several new services including Blackberry Curve LCD Screen Repairs (with the option to have your outer plastic LCD cover replaced). The Blackberry series of cell phones have an LCD and a plastic cover over the front of the LCD. These parts are both replaceable and many times our customers have one or the other, or both of them cracked or broken.

To simplify the situation, we’ve added a new “BlackBerry Curve Outer LCD Cover Repair” in addition to the Blackberry Curve LCD Screen Repair. I know that it sounds somewhat confusing (well it is when I type it), but it really makes total sense when choosing which type of Blackberry Curve screen repair you need. And, as with most repairs and services we offer a discount if you need both parts replaced!

Thanks again, keep on rockin. Catch us on FaceBook, Twitter, Blog, FriendFeed, Web or at 1-866-638-8402!


Mission Repair is now on Twitter!

Yup, you can get all of the latest action and updates through Twitter. One of the cool things is that MC Hammer is following our posts. Yup, the REAL MC Hammer. Come on “HAMMAH”.

Check us out on TWITTER!

Later, Ryan