iPhone 3G Repair Special and Last Blog of 2008!

Hello there everyone. . .

We’re closing down the business in a few hours for a day and a half of rest and relaxation. Normally my holiday season is low key, peaceful and “easy”. This year has been 100% opposite, and I don’t think that I’ve personally had a chance to sit down on my own couch for more than 30 minutes in the last 3 weeks.

Mission Repair has been a big time-stealer. Every time I think that I can go home and rest, there are piles of new projects and programs that we want to launch and get going. It’s just in my nature. Every time we add a new service the orders flow in and we go to work. It’s the joys of owning a successful business! I just looked up and noticed that it’s January tomorrow. . .

So to wrap up my rantings for today, we’re going to be leaving early and we’ll be seeing you all again in 2009.

I decided to post our January special this morning- it’s for the iPhone 3G Glass/Digitizer Repair and we have lowered the price by $10 for the month of January 2009. No coupon necessary! Click here for a look at our iPhone 3G Glass/Digitizer Repair Service!

Have a great New Years Eve (be safe!), and talk to you next year!!

Best Regards,