iPhone 3G Repair Special and Last Blog of 2008!

Hello there everyone. . .

We’re closing down the business in a few hours for a day and a half of rest and relaxation. Normally my holiday season is low key, peaceful and “easy”. This year has been 100% opposite, and I don’t think that I’ve personally had a chance to sit down on my own couch for more than 30 minutes in the last 3 weeks.

Mission Repair has been a big time-stealer. Every time I think that I can go home and rest, there are piles of new projects and programs that we want to launch and get going. It’s just in my nature. Every time we add a new service the orders flow in and we go to work. It’s the joys of owning a successful business! I just looked up and noticed that it’s January tomorrow. . .

So to wrap up my rantings for today, we’re going to be leaving early and we’ll be seeing you all again in 2009.

I decided to post our January special this morning- it’s for the iPhone 3G Glass/Digitizer Repair and we have lowered the price by $10 for the month of January 2009. No coupon necessary! Click here for a look at our iPhone 3G Glass/Digitizer Repair Service!

Have a great New Years Eve (be safe!), and talk to you next year!!

Best Regards,

Mission Repair Holiday Hours Reminder!

Hello all-

We’re gearing up for our Christmas party tonight at Dave and Busters! We’re also amidst some “strange” holiday hours here at Mission Repair and I wanted to send out a reminder!

Tomorrow, 12/24/08 we’ll be here from 8:00am to 1:00pm (leaving a little earlier than usual to be home with our families). We’ll then be closed on Christmas Day Thursday 12/25/08. We will be open working our normal business hours on Friday!

Next week, we’ll do the same- Wednesday 12/31/08 we’ll be open from 8:00am to 1:00pm then closed for the remainder of the day and the closed on New Years Day, 1/1/09. Here’s a link to our holiday schedule!

Thank you all for the awesome year and have a safe and happy holiday as I know a lot of you are already done working (I’m jealous). Talk to you soon, Ryan

Apple’s Last Macworld?

It just came across my desk, and I had to do a double take.

“Macworld 2009 will be Apple’s last, Jobs won’t be keynote.”

Huh? Wow. Apple has been a staple at Macworld. . .forever. I was at the last Macworld in Boston a few years ago and it was surreal that they shut that show down. Ok, I can see having only 1 Macworld per year. However now Apple appears to be dropping out of the Macworld trade show completely. Hmmm, interesting! I’m going to miss Steve Jobs’ announcements. See the official announcement here.

Take care, Ryan

I have a small hint for you: we’ll be talking “nano iPhone” very soon!

New Customer Testimonials Posted Today!

Hello everyone- I am just heading out to have lunch with an old friend but I had to fire off a quick entry. . .

I just updated our customer testimonials page with new submissions. Every time that I do this (about once per week), I’m always amazed at the responses we get. Well, not amazed that our service is spectacular, but amazed that our customers actually take the time out of the busy schedules to write about their experience with Mission Repair.

The more amazing part is that we do not solicit or directly ask for these submissions. They just flow in naturally from happy customers all over the country. They get nothing in return other than the satisfaction of making our day! In EVERY instance here at Mission Repair, our customer service is our top priority and the responses from these customers help us prove it.

Once again, thank you to all of those that provided submissions. It’s our reference list – period. How could you ever go anywhere else for your repair? 😉

Thanks, I’m heading out to Minsky’s for a pizza, talk to you later!


A little snow and 5% off!

Hello everyone, it’s a winter wonderland out here in Kansas City. I pulled into the office and just had to run outside to take a quick picture of our parking lot that’s quickly being overcome by snow. Ah, the joys of seasons. Frankly, It’s a tough argument to say that you LOVE snow when it’s 10 degrees out and blizzarding. Send me back to Maui on these days!

Winter Wonderland at Mission Repair!

Winter Wonderland at Mission Repair!

So, in the spirit of the season, we’re offering 5% off your entire order (even on sale items like the 13″ MacBook LCD Screen Repair or 15″ MacBook Pro Screen Repair) between now and the end of the year. The coupon code is “SEASONS”. Just use this coupon code when placing your order online or when you call your order in to get 5% off! Remember that the coupon expires on Midnight December 31st, just as the ball drops.

Take care, stay warm, I’m going to go shovel off the entry. Ryan