Mission Repair Affiliate Program is LIVE!

Hello all, and thanks to everyone that already signed up! Our Affiliate Program is live and calculating payouts as we speak. We already have several key Affiliates that have whole-heartedly implemented the program on their websites, and on a daily basis we see their accounts building up.

We’ll “cash” you out (via Company Check) on a monthly basis. Our Affiliate program doesn’t require huge banners (it can be as simple as a text link) or any work from your part after it’s set up. All you need to do it “let” people click on our link from your website and our system takes care of the rest. It’ll track the customer all the way through a sale, even if they leave and come back to our site directly! You can rest assured that if you sent a customer our way and the customer placed an order, you’d get 5% of the total! You’ll be making money while you sleep.

Sign up now. Mission Repair’s Affiliate Referral Program. Our Affiliate manager is standing by!

Take care, Ryan

One thought on “Mission Repair Affiliate Program is LIVE!

  1. I wanted to thank you for setting up your affiliate program. When I first broke my iPhone I was hoping to be able to replace the glass screen easily. I even have an uncle who makes glass for a living. We had it all worked out, registered our domain name, and then, of course, discovered that there was a lot more to the repair than just switching out the glass. Not the business I want to have after all. So now I’m using my domain to send you traffic. 8 click throughs and 3 sales so far! Thanks again. Sara of iPhoneglass.net

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