Black Friday Special, Yup it’s Late! 10% off 2-Day Special.

Thanks to Darren L. who emailed me today and said “where’s the special?”

My reply was basically, um, I dunno. I am so sorry. My bad. I actually worked on it and forgot to publish it. So in response, I’m going to run the special for 2 days. Tomorrow Sunday 11/30/08 and Monday 12/1/2008. It’s for 10% off your entire order at Mission Repair!

Sunday and Monday enjoy 10% off your entire order. Just use coupon code “SHOPPING” and watch 10% melt away. Remember, this coupon code WILL EXPIRE MONDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. Don’t wait and get your order in now!

Thanks, I’ll be back. I had to run down to the office to get this special up asap, as now it’s a “Sunday and Monday after Black Friday 10% Special.” Wow, thanks for keeping me on my toes!!

Take Care, Ryan

Pecan Tarts Update!

Ok, as I promised earlier in the month, I’m posting a picture of the pecan tarts that Grandma Arter makes from scratch. Yes, I did have my “fair share” of these and there were still enough left for me to take a few home for my lunchtime dessert. Here’s what all the hype is about:

Grandma Arter's Pecan Tarts!

Grandma Arter's Pecan Tarts!

I am in the office for a few hours today, but I’ll be running for the Christmas tree lot here with the kids shortly. The holiday season is upon us! Take care, have a great weekend. Ryan

Thanksgiving Break Holiday Hours at Mission Repair!

Hello all-

Just a quick reminder that we’re going to be closed on Thursday 9/27/08 and Friday 9/28/08 for the Thanksgiving break. This gives us a long holiday weekend for us to catch up with our families and get prepared for our busy months of December and January coming up quickly!

Yes, we’re officially closed Thursday and Friday, however you might catch me in here for a few hours at a time, it’s just impossible to not be here. It’s a good thing 😉

However, just so you are aware, FedEx WILL be open on Friday, yeah! When we overnight our repairs back to you tomorrow (Wednesday) you will receive them on Friday the 28th. Sound OK? Does to me!

Thanks, if I don’t talk to you tomorrow, I’ll be shooting a blog post Friday with a “Black Friday” Service Special. You might just want to check it out!

Thanks, Ryan

Dave became an Apple Certitifed Macintosh Techncian Today!

Hello all out there, hope you had a great weekend!

Dave, one of our master MacBook LCD Repair Technicians just got his Apple Certification today. . .this is great news for us here at Mission Repair and for all of our customers that send their units in for service. Not that Dave actually needed the “official” title of ACMT as he has been working with Macs for many years!

Dave is an awesome guy and now he has the ACMT status to prove it. Send him an email to congratulate him here! Take care, back to our SUPER BUSY Monday here at the office! We’re rockin. . .

Talk to you later, Ryan

Have a great weekend!

Just a quick blog to wish you all a great “Pre-Thanksgiving” weekend. We’re going to be here all day tomorrow working up yet another original MacBook Repair program that is scheduled to launch on Monday. I’ve been trying all week to get to it, but since it’s already Friday afternoon and I haven’t finished, looks like I’ll be logging a few hours tomorrow at the office. It’s a good day to get caught up and spend a little bit time not having to worry about our phone lines ringing off the hook, which they have been!

Not to worry though, I love the days that I see every line lit up on the panel. It’s very rewarding and I’m more than grateful for all of these calls. However, tomorrow you won’t be able to reach us via telephone, but if you need to speak to someone just send me an email. I’ll be here approximately 8:00am to 2:00pm and I’ll be happy to reply!

Ok, I need to finish out the day and try to get a head start on my newest service project. I’ll be back Monday with some details! Take care, Ryan