Apple Certified Technicians, no problem!

Well, I just got back from completing my testing, and yours truly is now an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician! I’ve completed my exams and my diploma should arrive in a few weeks. My new certification now compliments the other techs here at Mission Repair and we proudly proclaim that we employ Macintosh Certified Technicians. This is an honor.

It’s actually quite an investment between the Apple Study materials, the extensive “self-taught” knowledge and then the tests themselves aren’t “cheap”. Actually, it’s a small price to pay to give our customers just one more “peace of mind” when shopping at Mission Repair. We are knowledgeable, friendly and can perform professional MacBook and iPhone Repairs. We’ve been trained by the best in the industry!

Thanks, talk to you soon

Ryan Arter
ACMT (wow cool title, it almost sounds better than “President”)