Another new employee at Mission Repair!

Hello all, it’s once again the end of the day and it was a busy Monday, indeed.  We had another new employee start today, Marc Crosby and he’s got a retail management and internet sales background and a degree in graphics design.  The best part is that he’s a die-hard Mac user. . .Our favorite kind of guy!

Marc has been shadowing the techs today watching and learning the Mission Repair processes.  So far so good, and I think that he’s even going to show up tomorrow!  That’s always a good sign 😉

You can reach Marc via email here, or his AIM Screen Name is “fixedbymarc”.  He’ll be glad to help you out!  Ok, back to work for me. . .we’re having a record breaking month here at Mission Repair and I’ve still got a few hours of work to do before I can hit the road.

Talk to you later, Ryan

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