Snakes on a Plane?

Hello all, well this is a new one!!  We received a MacBook in from one of our customers in Michigan for our famous $229 MacBook LCD Replacement Service.  It was an overnight delivery and when we opened the box. . .yes you got it from the title. . .a LIVE SNAKE came out of the box!!  He was a passenger on the overnight air trip from Michigan, and somehow the little guy made the trip.  It must say a lot of the protection of our box that we provide (it’s got a lot of foam padding).  Ha!

Here’s a picture of our little friend (I took it with my new 3G iPhone):

I felt bad for him and he was obviously scared and disoriented.  We managed to “corral” him into an empty LCD box and soon after we took him to the acreage behind our building here in Kansas to set him free.  I hope the little guy is OK!

Can you tell me what kind of snake this is from my picture?  We’re no crocodile hunters here and no one got bit, but we also didn’t know what we were dealing with.  I’m just glad he made the trip.  Not to mention that I’m glad my receiving department didn’t have a heart attack when he found him!

It’s one for the books, and we thought that we’d seen it all. . .see ya, Ryan