$229 for MacBook LCD Screen Installations at Mission Repair!

Hey all, just sent out a press release confirming our LOW LOW price of $229 for 13.3 ” MacBook LCD Screen installations!  We’ve set the price and are blowing through our MacBook services.  We’re getting repairs from all over the country and since is still “Back to School” time we’re seeing a huge influx of these repairs in a mad rush for the country’s college students to be ready for school.  We love it!  Check our testimonials here from actual customers that have used us recently.

Let me reiterate that our MacBook LCD Screen repairs are performed using BRAND NEW OEM Apple-Approved screens.  These are the SAME screens used when Apple manufactures the MacBooks and we are buying in bulk to pass the savings on to our customers.  There are several part numbers that Apple used including:  LG/Phillips part number LP133WX1, Samsung part number LTN133W1-L01, Chi Mei part number N133I1-L01 and AU Optronics part number B133EW-01 V.0  We know our MacBooks!

Find a better price on this service?  We’d like to know.  Don’t forget that we have on-going coupon specials and other goodies listed in our blog, so dig in and you just may find a few gems lurking within our posts.  OK, that’s all for today, talk to you again soon!

Sincerely, Ryan

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