New iPod HeadPhone Jack Services at Mission Repair!

Hello long-weekenders.  Well, we had a long weekend here at Mission Repair. . .taking that extra Monday off was really nice but it just compounds the amount of work we needed to get caught up on today.  We are rested and rearing to go and we’re right on task!

I just released some new iPod Headphone Jack flat-rate repairs.  You’ll see them in the press shortly, but here’s a “first glimpse”.  Click here for a list of our new flat-rate headphone jack repairs.  We’re excited to be able to respond to so many customer requests and offer these.

My Techs are ready to go, parts are in stock, and you can trust the experts with your iPod repairs.  I’m going to give you another little tidbit, read Ann’s blog post below and give her a call.  She’ll also give you a 5% off coupon when you do and you can save on any repair you need (including headphone jack repairs!)

OK, gotta get back to my daily routine here and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Sincerely, Ryan at Mission Repair