My First Time :-) (Blogging)

Hi everyone it’s me Annie –aka- Anna Mary, Ann, Anna Belle

Ryan really had me in tears with his blog on August 21st– he’s so sweet and sentimental 🙂

Okay I’m going to wipe my tears away and this time I’m writing the Blog. And guess what – this is my first time blogging. (Readers beware)

First of all I want to let everyone know that I just completed my first month here at Mission Repair. And I am having a ball – I’m meeting new people, enjoying conversations with our walk-in customers but most of all I really appreciate the talent that is in this office. Our techs are fabulous and Ryan and Kyle are two of the best managers that I have worked for. (Hey I’m not brown nosing just being honest)

So because I think we are the latest and greatest thing that ever happened to the Mac and iPod world I would like to offer a thank you to my bosses Ryan and Kyle- So for the month of September anyone who calls in and says “Thank You” will be rewarded with a coupon code worth 5% off their order.  Just give me a call toll-free at 1-866-638-8402!

Thanks Everyone!


iPhone 3G Parts Coming very soon!

Hello all,

We here at Mission Repair have been working feverishly on the new iPhone 3G parts. Every day we’re getting request after request for repairs and we are just not ready yet. The market is interesting this time around with the iPhone 3G, and Apple is keep is tight lid on the parts market.

Well, this afternoon, we’ve made HUGE progress and we’re VERY close. We’ve landed a new vendor that promises to give us these parts soon and in the supply that we need. It’s very apparent that the digitizer assemblies will be a huge repair (don’t be fooled and buy one that doesn’t have all of the brackets in place!) and we’ll have headphone jacks, LCD’s, and backplate assemblies coming soon as well.

We’re digging deep and pulling out all the stops, so stay tuned and we’ll be your iPhone G3 Repair Center soon!

Thanks, I need to take a break and grab some nutrition, I’ll be back soon!


I talked to an old friend today. . .

Hello everyone in my Mission Repair blog world!

I talked to an old friend today. Someone that I haven’t talked to in a LOOONG time. I have to be honest, it was strange as I picked up the phone and the voice on the other end brought me back 10 years as we spent a few minutes catching up.

I’m truly grateful for this conversation as it somewhat puts life into perspective. At my business here at Mission Repair, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day “hecticness” and it’s easy to forget that at all times friends and family come first. Whew, I don’t mean to get too “mushy” here, but at this point I really believe that it’s true.

So when you go home tonight after that long commute, leave the TV off and spend some time with someone you care about, even if it’s over the phone. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll sleep well. Trust me, give it a shot.

OK, since this is out of character for me, I’m gonna stop now. This post is a “no-business” entry, but you can bet that I’ll be back soon with some Mission Repair info. Stay tuned!

Sincerely, Ryan

2 new technicians land at Mission Repair!

Hello all- it’s been a while since my last update, and let me explain myself. We’ve been growing rapidly and finding ourselves in need of a few more technicians.

Believe me, it’s not easy to interview and find the right person. We look for energetic, knowledgeable and friendly folks that can represent our business and help our customers get their items back to normal. The last thing that we want to do it fall short of our promise: to provide first class MacBook and iPod service in a fast and efficient manner.

So to help us on our quest, we’ve brought on Dave Gaede and Ian Butterbaugh. These guys are Mac enthusiasts and are learning the “Mission Repair” way of life quickly! These guys are top-notch technicians and are a real joy to be around. They have brought a fresh air to our tech room and we are very excited at their progress so far!

So let’s give them a little challenge. Hmmm, I feel a special coupon coming on here. . .gotta be something good to give these guys some experience. How about this:

Any iPod battery service you get $5 off. Yup, that sounds like a good one. Let’s take a week, give these guys a new direction, and get them a batch of iPod batteries in for repair. Here’s the iPod Battery deal of the week:

$5 off any iPod Battery installation. Use coupon code “NEWTECH” and it’ll instantly remove $5 from your online order until August 22nd. If you prefer to speak to someone to place your order, that’s no problem. Just mention the coupon code when you call in!

Thanks, have a great weekend, Ryan

5% Off your Mission Repair Order!

Ok, Ok, I get it.

I posted that coupon code for 5% off when you speak to Ann too late in the month on July and it expired early. So here it is again, and I’ll repeat the instructions:

Call in 1-866-638-8402, Ann (or another sales representative) will answer, and ask for the coupon code for 5% off. You can then use the coupon code on your online checkout order or you can place the order with Ann when you’re on the phone with her. Remember to ask for the coupon code!!

OK, have a good week. We are rocking around here at Mission Repair and it’s time for me to get back and check on my repair staff. Take care, Ryan