We have a new addition to our Mission Repair Staff!

Good afternoon-

This is just a quick blog entry to let you all know that we’ve got a new employee that has started with us, and her name is Ann. . .we also call her Anna, Annie, Anna Mary, Anna Belle – well, you get the idea.

She’s a customer service specialist (as we all are) and she fights to answer the phone first around the office. Chances are, if you call in she’ll get you in one ring or less. So far, she’s been SPECTACULAR! Send her an email, say “hi” and tell her that I sent you!

If you call in and get Annie on the phone, ask her to give you the July coupon code for 5% off your order. Yup, it’s down in my blog list as well, but all you need to do is give her a call and ask! 1-866-638-8402.

Thanks, talk to you soon, Ryan

Lower Prices on PSP LCD Screen Repairs!

Hello blog readers, another beautiful day here in Kansas City- we’ve had our share of sun and heat. We took Kyle’s ski boat out this weekend and his mother Linda, made us a gourmet lunch under the trees, lakeside. We BBQ’d outdoors for dinner and played round after round of LadderBall. Check out Ladderball, it’s totally addicting. It was yet another successful weekend of fun!

So we’ve been trucking along here at Mission Repair, and we’re busy with our PSP repair program. In fact, we’ve been able to negotiate our LCD pricing down a bit due to our bulk orders, and we’re passing the savings on to our customers. Effective today, and without the use of a coupon, our pricing is now:

$79 for PSP-1000 LCD Screen Repairs


$94 for PSP-2000 LCD Screen Repairs.

These prices include return overnight shipping and my technicians are getting the LCD’s installed the SAME DAY we receive the units, so turnaround time is virtually “NONE”. Well, it’s like 4 hours, but you get the picture! Give us a call if you’re in need of a PSP LCD Screen Repair, we are taking this service by storm!!

OK, I have to get back to work now, thanks for checking in with us and we’ll talk again soon. – Ryan

iPhone 2.0 Upgrade Issues!

Hello Blog Readers- as you may have heard there’s a lot of controversy right now upgrading the original iPhones to software version 2.0, possibly due to long queue times contacting the iTunes Store.

Many users are reporting wait times of 4 hours or more. . .after downloading and installing the 2.0 software, the bottleneck arises when the iPhone tries to connect to the iTunes Store to finish the installation. It appears that there is an issue due to the overload of high traffic on Apple’s software servers. We experienced it ourselves this morning.

You may want to wait to “get in line” but if you’ve already begun the software update and are experiencing problems, I was able to finish the download by restarting my Mac and only having iTunes open, then reconnecting the iPhone and it only took 2 minutes.  It may be coincidence, but the restart seemed to fix my issue.  Now I’ve got 2.0 on my iPhone and it’s working great! Lovin it!

I’ll try to post my blog on other related sites, as it might be helpful to other users. Stay tuned, we’ll be back if any new info arises.


4th of July outdoor movie theater-

Ok, here it is as I promised, a shot of our outdoor movie theatre last weekend:

So we had to pull out all of the chairs from the basement as the neighborhood kids all accumulated into our backyard. We started with “Monster House” then moved onto the “Indiana Jones” series until there were just 2 of us left standing (well, sitting). At about 3:00am my son, Casey and I packed up the theater and fell asleep out on the lawn, it was an awesome night!! That’s all for now, stay tuned for our iPhone 3G update.

Talk to you soon, Ryan

Happy 4th of July Break from Mission Repair!

Hello readers, thanks for checking back with us. Our blog is getting great response and we’re happy to fill you in on our adventures. Just for your information, we are closed tomorrow in observance of Independence Day.

We’ve been swamped over here at Mission Repair. We were thinking that this week before the holiday would be a little slower as people pack up and head out of town. In fact it’s been just the opposite. We are swimming in PSPs and iPods. Wait, I think that I get it. Customers need these repaired to keep the kids busy on that long road trip! Thank goodness for hand-help portable devices, or else we’d all have to go back to playing “I SPY” in the car. (Actually, I still do that with my kids!)

In fact, this weekend, we’re not going anywhere. We had plans to leave town, but frankly I need to “reset” myself by staying at home for a few days. Tomorrow on the 4th, we’ll have the rest of the family over and host a big BBQ in the backyard and bring out the HD projector and inflatable screen to have an outdoor movie night. We may even bring out the Wii or XBOX 360 and stay up all night playing some outdoor video games. Sounds like an easy way to spend the evening! I’ll post some pictures of my setup next week so you can see the “Arter’s Outdoor Theatre” in action!

OK, enough blogging for now, I’m going to run a blanket special for the month of July. Just use coupon code “FIREWORKS” when you checkout online and watch 5% of your order disappear and anything you order. We ran this same discount last month and we’ve received so many requests for it again. . .so here you go! Be safe, have a great long weekend. – Ryan