Broken T Mobile Sidekick?

Hello all,

We are steadily moving forward expanding our line of repair services. Yes, we repair iPod, iPhone, MacBook and MacBook Pros, Sony PSP Consoles, etc. But we are looking forward to a new group of repairs – specifically cell phones.

We’d like to start working on the TMOBILE Sidekick. There are a few revisions of the Sidekick out there (I’ve owned 2 of them) but we don’t care which model you’ve got, we just WANT IT. Here’s the deal: we’re offering a few “Guinea Pig” repairs for those customers that feel like they have nothing to lose by sending in their broken TMOBILE Sidekick to us. In exchange, we’ll diagnose the unit for free, and offer the repair at our cost. This will be a significant savings and you’ll be able to contribute to the success of a new cell phone repair program here at Mission Repair. Yes, that’s got to be worth something, right? Sure it is!

If you’re interested in helping us “learn” the TMOBILE Sidekick, call us at 1-866-638-8402 and we’ll work out the details. Until then, have a great weekend and talk to you soon.


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