iPhone 3G parts – INCOMING!

Hello all- we’re in the iPhone mood over here at Mission Repair, and we’re ramping up for the NEW 3G verion of the iPhone. We want to be ready and offer repair services for the iPhone 3G just as we do for other electronics.

We’ve gotten a first look at some of the replacement parts, and we want to pass the pics onto you. Here’s a picture of the bezel, and if you know anything about the original iPhones, you’ll quickly be able to tell that the bezels are very different and not interchangeable:

Here’s a picture of the headphone jack/power button assembly, which is also a new part:

I think that it’s safe to say that we’ll be looking at a totally new set of parts on the new iPhone 3G, and we’ll post pictures of service and repair parts as they come available to us. Thanks for reading and stay tuned. Ryan