We’re back in town (and my repair blog is late!)

Hey there Mission Repair Blog Readers! Well, our trip to Table Rock lake was a huge success, and we received some much needed rest and relaxation on the lake. We had plenty to eat and a lot of laughs. Here’s a picture of Kyle wakeboarding off into the sunset – I took the pic from our pontoon boat.

Speaking of the pontoon boat, here’s a batch of us on the way to the Big Cedar Lodge for a grill out and some fishing. Yes, I’m the captain. It was a 3-hour tour.

For those of you that know me, you’ll agree that I’m kinda the guy that likes to cook. Unfortunately it ended up being a TON of work this weekend, just making breakfast. I’d scramble up 18 eggs, fry 2 pounds of bacon, and prepare a half a loaf of bread just to feed the “masses”. I kinda need a vacation from my vacation! I think that I’ll get some room service tonight when I get home 😉 Anyway, here’s a shot of our cabin, with me getting breakfast ready while my wife watches over me. Thanks for the help Laura, ha! Take a look around and you’ll find the essence of a true gamer. In our cabin, while on the lake, we have a Wii console hooked up to the TV. Yes, this is camping for ya!

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